The Society Cynic

A realm for the exploration of political and social realities

I am often told that the voice of the people is the most important element of liberty. I am no historian, but I believe that wars have been fought and lives have been lost in other to relieve the suppression of the people's voice from oppression. Being a progressional youth and cynic is really hard because I am often forced to confront conflicting social, political, and ideological realities in society. I am often forced to rethink and remake my beliefs but most of all, I am forced into debates with these conflicting views. I have found that sometimes these debates tend to be ignorantly pursued and it forces me to somehow realize that my generation, as progressive as it might seem, seems also to be lacking, information wise. I am no different than them of course, I just recently took up interest in these views and it seems rather ironic that progression should stem from ignorance, hence this site. This blog-site- as I like to call it- is simply a way to learn and provide information about important issues and debates in society. It is a way to eradicate this rampant ignorance that seems to be vastly present. It is a way to provide information to fuel intelligible debates. But being a youth and experiencing firsthand the continual detachment from these issues, this blog-site would prove and hope to be the voice of and for my generation. It would present ideas via articles, reviews, poems, stories, monologues, pictures, art, and so much more. Simply put it would try to make these issues fun, relatable and yet a full translation of the realities that youths are forced to face and confront heads on in society on a daily basis. Like I said earlier on, the voice of the people is important towards liberty and freedom. But, the voice of the youth, is important towards growth and progression and maybe, just maybe that is worth blogging and fighting for!