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A Message On The Role Of Storytellers

It is always so awesome when I get messages from people, telling me how much they enjoyed my writings. But, this particular message, from an awesome person named Frank, stuck with me like no other. It has definitely given me perspective on what it means to be a writer, and I could not be happier. Here is the message:

"Do you write under the non-de-plume of Udoka Okafor? Or might that be your real name and this here your fb presence? Either way, if you wrote the recent piece on the problem with international interventions in the LGBTI human rights issue in Africa and elsewhere, I would like to congratulate you on your insights. I would also like to encourage you to grow those insights. You have an eloquence that is needed in this struggle: the role of the storytellers is also a hugely critical role in this process - both the stories of individuals and the stories that counter disinformation not just of the other side, but also our own!! I don't always fully agree with what you say, but your level of argument is refreshing to say the least of it in the noise of much commentary I have seen on all sides. Indeed, my possible disagreement with you is part of what I like: you inform me; challenge my current views; and allow me to develop new perspective while not always agreeing with you 100%. That, to me, is journalism at its highest peak! Yours, I strongly suspect, is a voice that has much of great importance to say in a way that needs to be heard - and, quite likely, can be heard. I say this only having encountered your work this morning and only read just a few of your pieces. Bless you on your journey!!"