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Sexism &The Rape Culture At Educational Institutions

I am fazed by the amount of sexism that exists both at an institutional and individualistic level at universities. It is not so much the sexism, because as a woman of colour, that has become common place for me, it is the ignorance that accompanies the sexism. Little is done to target sexism at its core, at educational institutions, and so they persist on.  

I came across these chants, from a source, and these chants were chants that were compiled together by some engineering student at McMaster University. Although, I am unsure as to how many of these chants are being used today, if any at all, these chants were compiled not so long ago, and not only should the people who compiled them be held accountable to their actions, but they demonstrate the extent to which the monstrosity that is sexism, has eaten at the fabric of institutions. 

These chants demonstrate in large part, the demon that I and so many other women, and men allies, are trying so hard to fight against. It is shocking really, that such draconian chants were even thought of in the first place. So, there you have it, sexism and the rape culture as its most deepest and vulnerable. The question now is, what next?