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The Persistent Existence Of the McMaster Engineering Chant Book

So, it came to my attention that the chant book that I posted back in September had been removed from my blog. A friend told me this yesterday but I obviously did not believe it. How did the person or persons get access to my account to remove the chant book, was the lingering question at the back of my mind. But, I decided to investigate this claim, and low and behold, the claim was true. The chant book was gone. 

I was quite surprised to be honest with you. I know that my decision to post the chant book was met with stark opposition and antagonism. But, I did not think that it was enough to get someone or a group of persons to actively get rid of the chant book. I was infuriated by this. 

I have posted the chant book back up and I am going to keep posting the chant book insofar as I am alive. That chant book is always going to remain up for public scrutiny. I am simply tired of the harassment and active censorship that I have been subjected too since the release of the chant book and the suspension of the red suits.

To all those who were seeking out the chant book and could not find it, I apologize. But, it has been posted up again and will continue to be posted up insofar as people are bent on taking it down. Transparency is the key to a better life and it is the only way that we can, as a community and a society, make progress and keep moving forward.